For performers, their bodies are their instruments; their livelihoods.  Whether they are actors, singers, dancers, musicians, or any other performer, when they are stressed or injured, they cannot perform at their best.  This is where massage can help.

Massage can help open up the ribcage and release the diaphragm making it easier for a performer to use their breath correctly and can even help increase the lungs' ability to draw in more breath.  Massage can also help realign the posture, which for example in the case of an actor, can be altered for character roles.

Pulled muscles, aches and pains from the rehearsal room, stress, and other soft tissue issues can be eased with massage, helping the performer to get back on track so they can work at top form.

Discounts are also available to members of Equity upon presentation of membership card.  Contact me for more information.

Photo:  Dancers need to be fluid in their movement.  Massage can help maintain flexibility and ease muscle tension after training.